UkrVipService is a reliable partner in the field of logistics and customs services.
Founded in 2011, this fast developing company
is becoming a leader in international business

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Our customs brokerage, logistics company was established in 2011, and during this time we have established ourselves with our clients not only as professionals, but also as reliable partners. Do business with us and you will see for yourself


Only experienced and professional customs brokers, logisticians and managers work in our company. However, we select our staff not only based on their professional qualities, but also on their human ones. As a result, we are a large and friendly team


Providing you with logistics or customs brokerage services, we are the first to be interested in a high-quality and responsible approach, as we look forward to a long term partnership with our clients.  Word of mouth is our best advertising


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LLC "VIS UKRAINE" is the official importer of TM "ATLANTIC" and confirms that during cooperation with LLC "UkrVipService" the company has proven itself as a professional and reliable partner in the field of customs brokerage and logistical services. A distinctive feature of the work of the company "UkrVipService" is the promptness, high organization and professionalism of its employees, and the readiness to quickly respond to circumstances. Based on the above, the company "VIS UKRAINE" would like to note the high potential of the company "UkrVipService", and its focus on further successful development and prosperity.

General Director Shimon Vashchin

"Pozhtehnika" LLC expresses its gratitude to "UkrVipService" LLC for the excellent provision of international transportation services and customs clearance of goods. Thanks to the competent work of the specialists of "UkrVipService" LLC, all arising questions and non-standard situations are always resolved promptly and with maximum benefit for our company. During our work, all deliveries are made on time, and customs clearance is high-quality and fast. We recommend LLC "UkrVipService" as a proven partner, distinguished by its responsibility and organized approach in the provision of customs clearance and international cargo transportation services.

Director Kostyshak A.M.

With this letter, the company "Alta Tek" LLC informs that during cooperation with "UkrVipService" LLC this company managed to establish itself as a professional and reliable partner in the field of foreign economic activity. A distinctive feature of the work of LLC "UkrVipService" is the efficiency and high organization of this company's employees, and their readiness to quickly react to circumstances. Based on the above, the company "Alta Tek" LLC would like to note the high potential of the company "UkrVipService", aimed at further successful development and prosperity.

Director A.I. Bakastov

With this letter, we, Izyvending LLC, confirm that UkrVipService LLC is our long-term and trusted partner in the field of foreign economic services. UkrVipService LLC has been successfully and actively working since 2011, providing a full range of services in this area. Throughout this entire period we have been provided with services of the highest professional level. The professionalism of the employees of UkrVipService LLC guarantees the best quality of the services provided. Based on the above, Izyvending LLC characterizes UkrVipService LLC as a reliable and professional partner in the field of international logistics and customs brokerage services

Director Kurenkov D.B.

LLC "Smart Outdoor" is the official importer of TM "BALDESSARINI" and continues cooperation with LLC "UkrVipService", which is our trusted and long-term partner, providing us with professional services for international transportation and customs clearance. We recommend LLC "UkrVipService" as the best partner in the field of logistics and customs brokerage services.

Kryzhanovskaya E.M.

LLC "UkrVipService" is our partner in the field of providing international logistics and customs clearance services. Over the period of fruitful cooperation with our company, LLC "UkrVipService" has demonstrated its ability to approach tasks with full responsibility, meeting all deadlines and requirements. The distinguishing feature of LLC "UkrVipService" is highly qualified staff, a developed network of agents, and a client-oriented approach. We recommend LLC "UkrVipService" as a reliable and stable business partner.

Director Shchurov K.V.

UkrVipService - customs broker and customs clearance services


Are you running a business, trading internationally, or do you need to deliver or receive goods from abroad once in a while? Every private person or company owner wants the operation to be carried out competently, reliably, and, most importantly, to receive / deliver the cargo in a short period of time.

Need help with import or export? Then contact our broker.

Customs broker services: what are the advantages?

Freight transportation across international borders is by no means an easy process. There are various rules of transportation that must be followed.

Among other things, you need to:

  • collect a package of documents;
  • fill out the declaration correctly;
  • develop a logistics route;
  • choose a vehicle (perhaps more than one);
  • find verified contractors who will provide transport;
  • calculate delivery time and cost;
  • clear the goods.

If you can handle each of the stages without risk, then you can stop there. But if you are a person who values ​​your time, business and reputation, then it is better to entrust the complex registration process to professionals.

A customs broker provides information on key issues and monitors the path of the cargo from the start until it reaches its final destination. By contacting a reliable brokerage company, you will save time and stress.

Professionalism and quality of services provided

In addition to the changing Ukrainian legislation, there is also international legislation, and a number of rules for transportation and customs clearance of various product groups. Knowledge of the processes and the customs codes cannot be acquired in a day or even in a few months, but  it is rather accumulated over the years and pricelessly reinforced by experience. Only experience and a high level of customer trust allow a customs broker to declare the professionalism of the services provided.

How to check professionalism and quality?

Apply only to companies whose activities are confirmed by a license and other official documents. Do not confuse professionals with ordinary intermediaries.

At UkrVipService, our specialists are qualified brokers who will:

  • advise you and provide you with assistance in the preparation of documents;
  • develop and offer a route with appropriate modes of transport;
  • send your goods as part of collective cargo, which, in case of a small package, will significantly reduce the cost of transportation;
  • take over processes related to customs clearance;
  • deliver the goods to the final destination (to the door of your office or to temporary storage warehouses).

The company providing services must have reliable counterparties with vehicles. After all, sea or air transport is needed for long distances. In this sense, it is worth relying on years of experience, because most companies are tested with each new deal.

Profitable provision of services from UkrVipService

UkrVipService will undertake transportation no matter how complex and save you from the stress of communicating with customs authorities. By ordering a service from our company, you will understand how quickly and qualitatively you can send or receive cargo in Ukraine.

Why UkrVipService?

We are not afraid to take responsibility, because we control the transportation of goods at every stage.

We advise on the collection of documents, deal with registration, insurance and customs clearance of cargo.

We provide clearly written clauses in the contract. Neither the price nor the conditions will be a surprise for you.

Our office is in Kyiv, we are an official company that provides customs clearance and transportation services over any distance, and not an intermediary who is not ready to answer for the consequences of the agreement.

We deliver goods to all cities in Ukraine. If you wish, you can get it in Odessa, via sea transportation.



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